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The Law of Attraction By Chris Day
Listening to brain expert and the inventor of Mind Maps, Tony Buzan, I am starting to understand what an amazing neck-top computer we are all born with. It starts working the moment we take our first breath and doesn’t stop until the moment we have to stand up in public to speak for the first time.
Just like the very inferior computers that are housed in tin boxes, rather than inside our heads, we too require an operating system to run on but, in our case, it doesn’t come on a disc or a download.
Throughout life we work hard to develop our own software through our many experiences, our curiosity and through what we learn from those around us. It’s a sort of BOS – a Brain Operating System rather than the computer version, DOS - which has probably got more bugs than Kew Gardens!
One of the things our amazing brain quickly picks up is what interests us and what doesn’t. Knowing our preferences, it very efficiently shows us more of the things we like and fewer of the things we don’t. How clever!
With the torrent of information being thrown at us every waking hour, knowing what is relevant, and what is not, is very important. These days, information overload is a real problem. It is just as well that nature has given us a method of handling it.
Our subconscious mind is a bit like a video recorder that records the programmes we don’t like, and plays them back when we are out. Amazing!
It was this talent that enabled Admiral Horatio Nelson at the battle of Copenhagen in 1801, to famously hold his telescope up to his blind eye and say “I see no ships” and went on to follow his instinct and win despite his orders. We can all choose what we see or don’t see. And that is particularly true of opportunity.
There are certainly people who have the notion that somebody is going to pay them a living wage for sitting on their sofa, watching daytime television and doing something meaningful with envelopes at the same time. People who reply to those sorts of adverts deserve everything that is coming to them, or rather that isn’t. For them, opportunity could be dancing naked in front of them, trying to get their attention, and they would still be trying to look round it in order to see the screen.
But even for those who find themselves at one of life’s crossroads, it can be just as difficult. When anyone has been in a job for a long time, routine takes over and our brain ceases to look out for alternatives to what we are doing. After all, it’s not relevant, as we are settled into our comfort zone.
And when, suddenly, our circumstances change; the job that we have become dependent on for so long is no longer there, we feel even more helpless because we have ceased to be aware of any alternatives that exist outside the world of our work. It is as if our brain has put us in blinkers and we can only look backwards at the past and not forward to a new and different future.
If you are caught in these headlights and are blinded to other possibilities, here are some ideas.
Firstly, stop thinking of yourself in terms of the job title or pigeonhole which your unenlightened previous employer chose to put you in. Although you went along with it at the time, you knew then and you know now, that you were capable of far more than they gave you the opportunity to demonstrate. And now, with what you have learned during that time and the experience you have gained, you are now worth considerably more.
No longer are you merely Adams in Accounts or Grimshaw in Groceries, you now have the chance to become, once again, the real you.
Never forget that all employers will pay as little as they can get away with to get you to do what they need. So never think of yourself in terms of the salary you were on. They bought you at wholesale rates, they sold you (or rather what you did for them) at full retail. That is how a business makes a profit!
But now, you are in charge. You are your own Boss. You can profit from 100% of everything you are capable of. And that is a lot! The past finished yesterday. It had its good and its bad points. But you now have today, so use it wisely! Your subconscious mind can’t help you until you re-programme it to the new task you need it to perform. So start researching, reading, asking questions and open your mind to the world of opportunities that surround you. Contrary to what you may be reading in the papers, some sections of the economy are booming. Find out what is working out there. You’d be surprised! Just open your mind to new possibilities.
No-one is ever born to be an accountant or an engineer. They become one as a result of all the many little choices they made over the years. Now you can make some different choices and reinvent yourself as anything you want to be.
What do you enjoy? What did you always dream of being before people told you to stop daydreaming? What could you do now based on the experience and skill-set you have – not necessarily in the same industry? What new qualifications or courses could you take? Don’t prejudge anything. Open your mind and you may find that the future could be far more exciting and rewarding than anything you’ve experienced before.
Never forget that the Law of Attraction is working 24/7. By mentally becoming the person you want to become, you will start to attract to yourself the people and the circumstances that you need. It all starts in our amazing brains. So give yourself a check-up from the neck up and banish stinking thinking from your life. Your future awaits.
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