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by Chris Day
Speaking from experience, one of the most frightening phrases for a man to hear when he gets home is for his partner to say “Well? Haven’t you noticed?”, this challenge could refer to a new hair cut, the p... Read more
by Chris Day
The brain is an amazing machine and seems to have the ability to remember the most useless pieces of information. For example, one of the unexpected skills that regular commuters acquire on the rail networ... Read more
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I have always believed the saying that "A tidy desk is the sign of an empty mind" and, over the years, I have gone to great lengths in my office to demonstrate the reverse. Although I am always q... Read more
Listening to brain expert and the inventor of Mind Maps, Tony Buzan, I am starting to understand what an amazing neck-top computer we are all born with. It starts working the moment we take our first breat... Read more
The television programme “So who do you think you are?” has a lot to answer for. By highlighting the search, by various celebrities and public figures, to find their roots and origins, thousands... Read more
It would be a foolish person who would try and play down the real problems that many people are facing at the present time. There is nothing worse than uncertainty to undermine confidence and leave you froz... Read more
I know that bad news sells newspapers but I am finding that the world described in the headlines is very different from the world that I inhabit day by day. Without exception, the business people I meet at ... Read more
It was Adam Smith in 1776, writing in his famous work “Wealth of Nations” who first coined the phrase “A nation of shopkeepers” when referring to the English. He was, of course, a Sc... Read more
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